Allen Craft

Allen Craft’s personal yogic path started nearly two decades ago. After collegiate football, Allen found his physical outlet through a mixture of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, kettlebell training, snowboarding, and yoga. Initially, yoga was a physical discipline, but like many practitioners, his desire to learn more about the tradition of yoga lead him to teaching and serving his community. In December 2018, Allen completed his RYT® 200hr teacher training course offered by Laura Crawford at the Yoga Art Lounge in Satellite Beach, FL. Allen credits Laura with creating an everlasting love and devotion to practice. Her understanding of the current real-world applications for yoga, and the studio’s authenticity has helped Allen develop a personal approach to teaching.

When asked, what are your teaching intentions, Allen expressed a desire to create an atmosphere of inclusion and friendship, while strengthening minds and bodies. He enjoys lasting interpersonal relationships and continually learning from others. In class, Allen’s focus is to demonstrate techniques that allow for the mind, body, and breath to combine. His classes will stimulate muscles, as well as prepare the mind for the day or for a restful sleep